Installation, 2 projections, polyester fabric, indian ink, sineaw thread, found footage, found sound, poem
The Oxygen Needs no Heart explores humanity’s relation to the ocean and tries this relation in comparison to a human love relation. Using the jellyfish, the space, the object, projections, poetry and sound the piece illuminates two perspectives of the same situation, a situation with completely different potential and connotations depending on the point of view.
“I wanted to talk about viewpoints, about time beyond our ability to comprehend, about space. I wanted to talk about the ocean and its dark future (or bright, depending on the point of view), about the image, about intent. I wanted to talk about love, miscalculation and misstakes, about beauty, about violence, about defencelessness, about humanity, about the heart, about consequence. About jellyfish.”
Folder text from Sleeping with Ghosts, Västerbotten Museum, 2019.
Scroll down for video documentation, poem and diagram.

The heart beats
It beats and beats
A heart beats,
beats and beats and beats

My heart beats for you
I say,
          I lie,
because how could it?

A heart is:
a pump, bloody and rhythmical
A heart is physical

my heart is busy,
keeping me alive
          I write this with words
Language is young
compared to the really old,
The Elders,
language is so young
the heart beats in me
What is an original sin?
          inherited misstakes and miscalculations

The seas are referred to
as the heart and lungs of earth
The heart
and its symbolic meaning

On the 2nd of April
1100 dead dolphins washed up on a shore in France
On the 18th of March
a whale in the Philippines was found dead from eating
40kg plastic
A heart breaks
A heart aches

The heart beats and beats
Until it doesn’t
The ocean were never ours to inherit
you could talk about a certain kind of

A heart beats in me
          and the oxygen needs no heart